Holographic Breathing

Holographic Breathing is an awakening. 
It's the awakening of a breath that we have always known.

Martin Jones founder of Holographic Breathing.
Holographic Breathing came to me when I was dying of lyme disease. One day whilst meditating there was a strong release of energy and this breathing just started and became my natural breathing. 
Happily over a period of time this helped heal the Lyme disease....
In Holographic Breathing the breath is through the nose, the lips are closed and the tongue on the roof of the mouth. 
With  the lips still closed - 
on the in breath the jaw gently opens and on the out it closes. 
This is a small and relaxed motion.
It's not very easy to just try and do that. But in the video below I teach how to do this in a way that it just starts in a soft and natural way. It's like a memory coming to life and feels  totally natural, as if you have always know how to breathe in this way.
Everything relaxes and waves of energy spread through the whole body. 
Also in a subtle way the face and cranium start to breathe. 
Once this is activated Holographic breathing starts opening a whole internal healing system. This is what I teach in the webinars.

In this video there is a short introduction and then a guided tutorial to learn Holographic Breathing.

Free Webinar Holographic Breathing and Chi Kung
Sunday 26th April 7.30 - 9.00 pm UK time.

To register to this webinar follow this link -

I will be running another Free Webinar next month, the dance webinar was great and people enjoyed it immensely.
In this one we will still be working with the breath and movement but this time more around the principles of Chi Kung. These are Daoist slow movement breathing exercises.First I will be teaching Holographic Breathing.
Then we will be doing these following exercises with Holographic BreathingGentle shaking,Chi Kung breathing exercises, Free style Chi Kung in which we will be using the same principles but with free style movement.Free style Chi Kung to soft music.Sitting or lying meditation.

This is a fantastic way to integrate holographic breathing with movement.In doing so the movement becomes much softer and more meditative.
Also the Breath slows down and becomes very relaxed.In many ancient breathing systems it is said that “our lives are measured by the number of breaths we take.” So if you breathe twice as slowly you will live twice as long.
There are many meditations where people practice breathing more slowly.But for me in Holographic Breathing my breath naturally slows down. It’s not that I try to breathe more slowly but that I start coming in contact with a deeper breathing pattern, which feels like it is in every cell and though my whole body. This deeper breathing is very relaxed and much is slower than my normal breathing.  These slow movement exercises help people drop into that experience.This slower breath is not just good for longevity but also connects us to our natural health and spirituality.

To register to this webinar follow this link -

Larry Pesta  an English professor.  Phoenix, Arizona

I watched the Free Video Tutorials today, and I have to tell you . . . it was fantastic! I was so relaxed and blissful!  I immediately emailed a friend of mine (a Phd in biology with whom I work), and she wrote back telling me she had the same experience. Thanks for posting these.  Now, I want to continue with the rest of them! Continued - I have done lots of breathing work throughout the years, and this definitely is the best! I did Seminar Two, and it was an even better experience!  I went to bed and woke up during the night a couple of times.  Each time I awoke, I did the process until falling asleep again. I love doing it!  It is very natural, and it is something I want to do. I am also going to be doing Seminar Three in the next few days.  I am sure my wonderful experiences will continue!


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