Free webinar 
Holographic Breathing and working with the energies of the face and cranium
May 16th,  7 pm to 9 pm UK time 
or 2 pm to 4 pm EST New York time.

In the last free webinar we worked with three very Pacific energy systems in the face. In this webinar, we will be working in a more general way with all of the energy systems of the face and how this relates through the cranium, the spine and whole-body. This can be a profound experience.
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Here are some video recordings of previous free webinars 

Recordings from the spring equinox webinar -
 A Universal Rebirth -
 Journey into the Earth, Creation, and the Universal Energies

Here are the recordings 

In this webinar recording , I will be teaching Holographic Breathing and we will be using it to go on this journey.

As we journey into the earth it mirrors our energies. The closer to the centre we go, the higher in our body we move. When we come close to the centre the crown chakra opens.
At the very centre, there is a change in dimension; the earth evaporates from around and we drop into the energies of creation.
This is the place everything dies into and is born out of. Letting go of life itself, we bathe in the timeless energies of the void and creation, this is a truly healing place.
When we are cleansed and fully drunken from this cup we float out into the universe created as new life. Here we float like a foetus in its fluid sack being bathed in starlight and the energies of the universe.

When we return home to the earth we are nurtured in her magma/womb until we are filled. Then when we are full and ready we start to move through the earth's crust as the unfoldment of a new birth and then born to the surface as a child of the earth and universe.

Every part of this journey is real and experienced as that.
Rather than recreating our human birth we can let this journey unfold safely, in our own time, and in line with our intrinsic energies. All of this is done in line with and mirrored in the awesome energies of the earth, the universe, and creation.
This is deeply healing and gives us a new inner experience of this whole process. It also helps to release us from the tethers of past births and karma.

Here is the video from January's webinar .

In this webinar, participants learn how to do Holographic Breathing. Then how to use Holographic Breathing to experience the energies of the spaces between the breaths. 
Then after this, we will be using the spaces to open the base and crown chakras and circulating the energies between them.

Here's a testimonial from the last webinar on this - Marisa Leon - I'm Utterly hooked on Holographic Breathing. The retentions were just insane! The control of energy in the Governing and Conception Vessels was absolutely sublime. I'm so grateful for the class. Thank you so much.

in this webinar there is a tutorial to learn Holographic Breathing and then we work in depth with how the lungs, diaphragm, abdomen and pelvis breathe.

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