The energies of Holographic breathing recorded webinars

These recording are £6.99 each or you can buy all 9 for £44.91   (£4.99 each)

The higher energies, eyes, brain, arms and legs

The Jaw, the Deep earth, and fire energies

The Jaw, the Deep earth, and fire energies In this webinar recording we are looking at how areas of the jaw energetically match areas of the cranium and pelvis. The energy we start working with is a deep earthbound energy, that also relates with the liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas. This is a very potent and deeply healing energy that connects us to our ground, constitutional health,  and well being. We will also be working with a fire energy which is more to do with the centre of the face,pelvis and cranium. This energy relates with the genitalia, Heart and Hara, its much lighter and burns through the body on all levels.Also in this there are parts of the jaw that relate with the higher energies and we will be letting everything integrate though those. 
This recording is £6.99

The Fire and yellow energies webinar recordings.

In this webinar we work with the fire circuit but mainly open up the yellow energies.This is a fantastic  webinar it also opens up a lot through the throat thyroid and brain. This recording is £6.99

The white energies

In this webinar we work a lot with the maxilla, lungs, colon, spinal base and brain stem. its a potent webinar.
This recording is £6.99

The blue energy healing circuit 

The blue energy healing circuit has lovely shades and qualities of blue, and the organs in this Circuit are the adrenals, kidneys, bladder, vagina and penis. In this we also work with the inner ears and hearing.
Once this circuit is activate, then you have access to a wonderful aid to health as the potency that starts from the vagina and penis, rises and heals through these organs and energy centres.

This recording is £6.99

The blue energy Chalice and Trident  at chequers. 

the blue energies part 2

Working with the hands and feet part 1

These are deeply inspiring webinars and open up a whole new area of Holographic Breathing. In this we work with the breathing motion of the breath through the hands and feet and how this plays out through the whole body. This recording is £6.99

Working with the hands and feet part 2

in this part we  work with the with the hands, feet, arms, legs and throat. Also we activate the earth and circuit through all of these.It is good to do the hands and feet 1 before going onto this one, as this one continues on from that. 
This recording is £6.99

These recording are £6.99 or you can buy all 9 for £44.91   (£4.99 each)