The yellow energies - 
Transforming the sexual energies.
Sunday 9th May, 7 p.m. to 9 pm UK time
and 2 pm to  EST 4 pm New York time

Free webinar
The Energies of the Face.
Sunday 16th May, 7 pm - 9.00 pm UK time and 2 pm - 4 pm EST.

The yellow energies - 
Transforming the sexual energies and the sacred geometry of the diamond.
Sunday 9th May 7 p.m. to 9 pm UK time
and 2 pm to  EST 4 pm New York time

In this yellow energies webinar, we will be carrying on with how the geometry of the diamond is played out in our anatomy. There are important new energy points and aspects of how this works in the face, cranium, and body in Sunday's webinar. Previously in this webinar, we have hit on the suppression of female sexuality as the representation of the Clitoris has been completely misrepresented until around 2007. The anatomy of the penis has been somewhat veiled as many men don't know the anatomy of their penis where it travels inside the pelvis. Also how it mirrors the anatomy of the Clitoris (as it has been shown since 2007).
By viewing this area as part of the geometry of the diamond brings light to the whole area for both women and men. And introduces a new way of breathing that is little known about. The main potency that opens in the yellow energy circuit comes from the erectile tissue in the clitoris, penis, nasal passageways, and ethmoid. This connects to a very particular energy that circles around the central line of the body and opens up through diamond shapes.
the different organs of this circuit are the erectile tissue of the Clitoris and penis, the tongue, esophagus, stomach, and spleen.
This webinar is £14

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Free webinar
The Energies of the Face, cranium and pelvis.
Sunday May 16th 7 pm - 9 pm UK time 
and 2 pm - 4 pm EST New York time.

In this webinar I will be teaching Holographic Breathing then we will be using that to work with all the bones of the face and how they relate to different energies and organs. Also how this is reflected in the cranium, spine, and pelvis. This can be a profound experience and will be useful to both beginners and advanced practitioners.
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The energies of the lung circuit
Sunday, May 2nd, 7 pm to 9 pm UK time 
or 2 pm to 4 pm EST New York time.

I have decided to move on from the fire circuit. But I would like to come back to it again in the not too far distant future as I would like to do more work around the small intestines but I feel like we need a little bit of a break before we go into that. 
I'm and going to start working with the lung energies next. This is a powerful and enlightening circuit that includes the kundalini through the spine and opening the energies through the brainstem. We will be carrying on from where I last taught this and including more about the vertebrates that it relates to and more energy points.
This webinar is £14 

The internal energies of Holographic Breathing.
Sunday, April 25, 7 pm to 9 pm UK time 
or 2 pm to 4 pm EST New York time.

In this webinar, we will be continuing to work with these different energy systems that come to life in holographic breathing. As everybody participating in the webinar would have already learnt holographic breathing it means we have more time to work with the different aspects of this. In this webinar, we will be working with the bones of the cranium, face, and pelvis that relate to the deep Earth energies and the fire energies.
As well as this I will be including the organs of the deep Earth energies, which are the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and duodenum. These are powerful, deep energies and make the transition into the fire energies much stronger. I will also be including the organs of the fire circuit which are the ovaries/testes, uterus/prostate, small intestines, heart and thymus gland.
When I first started this webinar I put it out as a soft introduction to the energies. It has since transformed into a powerful and enlightening webinar.
This is an advanced webinar but I'm doing it at a discount. 
It is £9 instead of £14. If you have done one of the previous "The energies of Holographic Breathing" it's £5.

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This is a £5 pay button for people who did this webinar on the 31st Jan, 28th Feb or 28th March