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Martin Jones founder of holographic Breathing in Blue Bell woods


For Free video tuition to learn Holographic Breathing 


First there is an introduction then two tutorials and a lecture in this video the first tutorial is to learn Holographic Breathing.

It is worth staying with the process through the whole of the first tutorial, as Holographic Breathing is an awakening and if you don't stay long enough, you might not get the activation. After that the tutorial allows that experience to integrate through your whole body. so for this particular video, if you want the goodies, it's best to do the whole of that first tutorial, all the way though. I hope you Enjoy

This video is the first in a series of free video tutorials working mainly with the brain and Cranial Fluid to continue on to those Click Here

 These videos are also available on Face book Group Free Learn Holographic Breathing Click Here





Larry Pesta  an English professor.  Phoenix, Arizona.


I watched the Free Video Tutorials today, and I have to tell you . . . it was fantastic! I was so relaxed and blissful!  I immediately emailed a friend of mine (a Phd in biology with whom I work), and she wrote back telling me she had the same experience.

Thanks for posting these.  Now, I want to continue with the rest of them!

Continued - I have done lots of breathing work throughout the years, and this definitely is the best!

I did Seminar Two, and it was an even better experience!  I went to bed and woke up during the night a couple of times.  Each time I awoke, I did the process until falling asleep again. I love doing it!  It is very natural, and it is something I want to do.

I am also going to be buying Seminar Three in the next few days.  I am sure my wonderful experiences will continue!




Breathing for birth -


For information and videos about Holographic breathing and Birth click on this link


It has become common knowledge among midwives that there is a

a relationship between the jaw and pelvis; a loose jaw helps the pelvis become loose.

This is aided in this breathing system as there is a gentle movement of the jaw with the

breath. In child birth it's helpful to be aware of this and allow the jaw and pelvis to

breathe with the baby. During birth this breathing gentle unfolds in its own way and most

mothers say that it significantly reduces the pain of labour or changes it into something

more enjoyable.

Being able to relax into child birth can help mothers have a more fulfilling experience. In

Holographic Breathing, the mouth, jaw, body, and pelvis are in a gentle flux with the breath.

This gives mothers something to relax with through labour and can help them have a

fulfilling and enjoyable birth.




Holographic Breathing and aligning the face and cranium 


 For Videos and information aligning the skull and dentistry click on this link


Once the face and cranium start to breathe then the different holding patterns of the

face and cranium also start to breath as they do this by definition they are no longer

holding patterns. This has been very useful to balance the structures

of the skull.

This has also been been used in dentistry - one to help relax and heal after dentistry and also

to help in orthodontics. As with cranio-sacral threrapy and  cranial osteopathy it is possible

with this breath and movement to allow the bones of the mouth and face to move into a

more healthy and natural position.




Holographic Breathing and Breath work -


In Holographic breathing it is possible to work and breathe with any of the structures of the

body including the brain and cranium. It is also possible to work with the energies this mainly

is in the form of the five elements - Earth, air, fire, and ether and how these relate to the

different organs and systems through the body. In this way Holographic Breathing is

a meeting of body/energy work and breath work, it becomes a wonderful way of becoming

your own healer. One thing that can be said, is that breath works.



Breathing for asthma -


This started becoming apparent when a lady who was learning Holographic breathing

taught her son, and he in turn he taught a friend who was having an asthma attack. The

Asthma attack stop and after that he was able to use Holographic Breathing to stop

his attacks.

Asthma is often to do with stressed out adrienal glands and also the diaphragm

can be tight and go into spasm.  Holographic breathing helps with both of these things.


Breathing for pain relief


Holographic Breathing has been used to help with pain in many situations from Childbirth to chronic pain and also bad accidents. here is a quote from June baker a Yoga teacher who suffered with Trigemial Neuralgia.

I have experienced Trigeminal Neuralgia for the last twelve years. Each time the remission period seems somewhat less. It begins suddenly, sometimes fiercely, and lasts for months and can come on any time of the year.

Since I have been practising holographic breathing, starting in a remission period in September 2006 the problem has not reoccurred, except for a small “spark” at wide intervals over a period of about two weeks with no need for medication. This has given me great encouragement to continue the breathing practise and study it more.