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Healing Lymes Disease





Holographic Breathing came to me whilst I was dying of Lymes Disease. I felt that I was losing the battle, and to see what it was, one day whilst watching my breath, I let the disease take me. The experience was like going through the folds of death, until coming to the other side, and a light. On coming back from that journey Holographic Breathing started by its self, it just began, and became my natural breathing. Happily over a period of time this Breathing helped him recover from the Lymes Disease.


Holographic breathing is easy to learn and feels totally natural, soft and relaxing.


Many People find Holographic Breathing deeply healing and meditative. It is also Holistic so can help with anything. Here are some things it is good for - Meditation, relaxation, insomnia, rebalancing the spine, face and cranium, pain relief, asthma, chronic fatigue, TMJ problems, healing the brain and central nervous system. Also many women use use Holographic Breathing to help through pregnancy and birth. 


Its a truly wonderful thing - just click on the video and try it out for your self


 This is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing. 





here is a video of how to use that to heal the brain which is often attacked by Lymes disease




also here is a video of my journey of healing Lymes disease  and Discovering Holographic Breathing.