Tantric Meditations


 This is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing. We use this breathing in all of the meditations below. It also intrinsically helps to balance the Trantic and Kundalini energies. -



The Meditations in these videos are based around our inner Tantric and Kundalini Energies. The videos are of a tutorial where I show a Sacred Site at Chequers and then use the energetic lay out of that as a map to activate our own energies, this is a deeply healing experience.
Chequers is the home of the UK prime minister and There are more of these videos meditations to follow.


In this first video we work a lot with our inner male and female and how, when they are at a balanced place they activate the Kundalini.


Again in this second video we work with the inner male and female and how they relate to the Kundalini, but this time by working with the energies of the Chalice and Prayer, which are two of the main symbols the at Chequers Sacred Site.


This is the third video there is an Activation which brings these energies to life in our selves. This is also mirrored in an activation which happens at Chequers