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The latest webinars are -

Healing the eyes, sinuses and lungs - webinar

The hands and feet level 2 - webinar


webinar "Healing the Maxillary Sinuses  and lungs"

Sunday 1st Septembers 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time 

We had a fantastic webinar working with this and will be carrying on from there.

In this webinar we are mainly working with the Maxillary Sinuses and their very specific energies and how these open up and heal through the lungs and whole body.

Along with all the healing aspects of this its good for helping with any issues from orthodontics  or  misalignments through this whole area.

In this webinar we are working with the primary energies around the lungs and breath.

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 This webinar is for everyone and everyone is welcome.

This is £14 including recordings




This is £14 including recordings




webinars for couples are £21

repeat webinar for couples  are £7.50


This video come from the last webinar working with the hands and feet but this dynamic of working with the brain also applies to the healing the eyes webinar.


This is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing


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