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There is a structure to holographic breathing


the breath is through the nose, the lips are closed and the tongue is on the roof of the mouth.


Along with that there is a small movement of the jaw


on the in breath the jaw gently relaxes open and on the out breath the jaw relaxes closed.


In the latter part of this text the movement of the jaw should become very relaxed and naturally integrated with the breath.



Instructions to learn Holographic Breathing


Start gently breathing through your nose with the lips relaxed and closed.


Bring the upper surface of the tongue to the roof of the mouth and have the tip of the tongue close to or touching the front teeth.


Spend a bit of time breathing and becoming used to that.


Whilst doing this let the tongue and the lips be relaxed.




Now keeping the lips relaxed and closed and the tongue on the roof of the mouth


start making a up down movement of the jaw a bit like chewing.


The movement is small about half a finger width.


Notice that you can do this and still keep the lips relaxed and closed


and the tongue relaxed and on the roof of the mouth




When you feel ready slow this movement down


and as the jaw opens let the breath draw in through the nose


and as the jaw closes let the breath leave through the nose.


The jaw may feel like a slow pump bringing the air in and out.


Remember to keep the lips closed and the tongue on the roof all of the time.


Also relax everything especially the back of the neck and head




Then change the emphasis


 Now bring your awareness first to the breath through the nose and let the jaw follow.


As you breath in through the nose let the jaw relax open


As you breath out through the nose let the jaw relax closed.


At this point everything should become much more relaxed, soft and meditative.


Remember to keep the lip closed and tongue on the roof of the mouth.


Relax into this and breath through your whole body.



as you breath in the teeth float apart.


and as you breath out the teeth gently float together so they are only lightly touching or not touching at all.



Feel your whole body breathing especially the chest and abdomen and notice that the jaw just follows along with this movement naturally opening with it on the in breath and closing with it on the out breath.



Notice that in a very subtle way your face and head have also started gently breathing and be aware of the energies travelling through that area.


Spending some time being with that breathing and being aware of the energies flowing through your body, spine and head



Let everything breath for a while and when you feel ready gently allow yourself to come back.