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There is a structure to holographic breathing


the breath is through the nose, the lips are closed and the tongue is on the roof of the mouth.


Along with that there is a small movement of the jaw


on the in breath the jaw gently relaxes open and on the out breath the jaw relaxes closed.


In the latter part of this text the movement of the jaw should become very relaxed and naturally integrated with the breath.



Instructions to learn Holographic Breathing


Start gently breathing through your nose with the lips relaxed and closed.


Bring the upper surface of the tongue to the roof of the mouth and have the tip of the tongue close to or touching the front teeth.


Spend a bit of time breathing and becoming used to that.


Whilst doing this let the tongue and the lips be relaxed.




Now keeping the lips relaxed and closed and the tongue on the roof of the mouth


start making a up down movement of the jaw a bit like chewing.


The movement is small about half a finger width.


Notice that you can do this and still keep the lips relaxed and closed


and the tongue relaxed and on the roof of the mouth




When you feel ready slow this movement down


and as the jaw opens let the breath draw in through the nose


and as the jaw closes let the breath leave through the nose.


The jaw may feel like a slow pump bringing the air in and out.


Remember to keep the lips closed and the tongue on the roof all of the time.


Also relax everything especially the back of the neck and head




Then change the emphasis


 Now bring your awareness first to the breath through the nose and let the jaw follow.


As you breath in through the nose let the jaw relax open


As you breath out through the nose let the jaw relax closed.


At this point everything should become much more relaxed, soft and meditative.


Remember to keep the lip closed and tongue on the roof of the mouth.


Relax into this and breath through your whole body.



as you breath in the teeth float apart.


and as you breath out the teeth gently float together so they are only lightly touching or not touching at all.



Feel your whole body breathing especially the chest and abdomen and notice that the jaw just follows along with this movement naturally opening with it on the in breath and closing with it on the out breath.



Notice that in a very subtle way your face and head have also started gently breathing and be aware of the energies travelling through that area.


Spending some time being with that breathing and being aware of the energies flowing through your body, spine and head



Let everything breath for a while and when you feel ready gently allow yourself to come back.



webinars and free webinars


I hope you are well.

The latest webinars are -

Healing the eyes, sinuses and lungs - webinar

The hands and feet level 2 - webinar


webinar "Healing the Maxillary Sinuses  and lungs"

Sunday 1st Septembers 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time 

We had a fantastic webinar working with this and will be carrying on from there.

In this webinar we are mainly working with the Maxillary Sinuses and their very specific energies and how these open up and heal through the lungs and whole body.

Along with all the healing aspects of this its good for helping with any issues from orthodontics  or  misalignments through this whole area.

In this webinar we are working with the primary energies around the lungs and breath.

To register for this please click here.


 This webinar is for everyone and everyone is welcome.

This is £14 including recordings




This is £14 including recordings




webinars for couples are £21

repeat webinar for couples  are £7.50


This video come from the last webinar working with the hands and feet but this dynamic of working with the brain also applies to the healing the eyes webinar.


This is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing


Best wishes







Healing with water


In this video I teach how to do Holographic Breathing and then go on to teach how to use Holographic Breathing and a bottle of mineral water to heal ourselves.




In this more advanced tutorial I also teach how to use water heal the whole pelvic area also helps to balance the sacrum and cranium. Then I teach how to make the water into a healing remedy that can be drunk through the day..

The cost is £6.99


In this one I teach how to work with the pelvis and spine and also the process of how to make the water into a healing remedy to be drunk.

The cost is £6.99


You can buy both of these together for £9.99

The Energies of Holographic Breathing recorded webinars

This is the first of the recorded webinars showing the Energies of Holographic Breathing


The Jaw, the Deep earth, and fire energies 

In this webinar recording we are looking at how areas of the jaw energetically match areas of the cranium and pelvis. The energy we start working with is a deep earthbound energy, that also relates with the liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas. This is a very potent and deeply healing energy that connects us to our ground, constitutional health,  and well being.


We will also be working with a fire energy which is more to do with the centre of the face,pelvis and cranium. This energy relates with the genitalia, Heart and Hara, its much lighter and burns through the body on all levels.

Also in this there are parts of the jaw that relate with the higher energies and we will be letting everything integrate though those.

 This recording is £6.99



The Fire and yellow energies webinar recordings.

In this webinar we work with the fire circuit but mainly open up the yellow energies.

This is a fantastic  webinar it also opens up a lot through the throat thyroid and brain.

 This recording is £6.99



There is a discount if you wish to buy both of these webinars

 Both of these recording together are £9.99



Working with the hands and feet part 1

These are deeply inspiring webinars and open up a whole new area of Holographic Breathing. 

In this we work with the breathing motion of the breath through the hands and feet and how this plays out through the whole body.

 This recording is £6.99



 Working with the hands and feet part 2.

in this part we  work with the with the hands, feet, arms, legs and throat. Also we activate the earth and circuit through all of these.

It is good to do the hands and feet 1 before going onto this one, as this one continues on from that.

 This recording is £6.99



There is a discount if you buy both the hands and feet webinars together

 Working with the hands and feet part 1 & 2 together

This recording is £9.99



recorded webinars all list in order


Here are the recordings from the Earth Journey Webinars.


This is the lecture -

and here are the meditations -



2. seminar

here are the links to the Holographic Breathing videos about the lateral movement of the breath.

In his set of four videos, we look at the sideways expansion of the breath and how to activate this. This opens a whole new way of viewing and experiencing Holographic Breathing. From this  participants Learn how to Rebalence their face , cranium and whole bodies.  We also look at how to activate this movement in the different bones of the face and Cranium


1st -





3rd seminar - The Rotation of the bones of the face and Cranium Part one -

 In this seminar we look at the rotation of the bones of the cranium and face and we also look at the principle that brings this about.

This seminar was spread over 2 evenings and will give participants a new experience of Holographic Breathing  upgrading your whole practice and understanding. Also this will deepen the breath and potency of Holographic Breathing.

We also work with the up down motion of the breath through the body. This dynamic is deeply healing and for me how we breathed in the womb.

I have taken these from two in person seminars which led on one from the other.

Part 1 .

Part 2 .

Part 3 .

 Here are the Audio Downloads from the seminar. These are the Meditations for the seminar.


4th seminar - Integration of the lateral and rotational movements of the face and cranium

It is important to have done the previous two tutorials before moving on to this one.

The videos and downloads are taken from two webinars.

In this seminar in integrate the principles learnt in the previous two seminars so they become one movement that flows in and out of each other. We also learn how all the bones unwind and resolve holding patterns and how the kundalini energies open up through this.


This is the video from the first evening -

This is the video from the second evening -

and this is all the audio recordings from both evenings -


5th webinar -

The intrinsic energies of the Tongue.

In this seminar we are working with the intrinsic energies and movement of the tongue with the breath, also how this connects with the sexual energies and the kundalini. This is a powerful seminar.

 Here is the video from the Tongue webinar -

and here are the Meditations -


6th seminar

here are the recordings for the webinar "The tongue, the brain and the Dream state"

Video talks

1st webinar 1st talk --

2nd webinar 1st talk -

2nd webinar 2nd talk -

Download meditations

2 meditations from the first webinar 1

and 2 meditations from the 2nd webinar


7th seminar -

Here are your recordings from the webinars The Tongue, the roof of the mouth and the diaphragms.

 webinar 1 -

webinar 2 -

webinar 3 meditation 2 talk -


Audio Downloads


8th Seminar

here are the recordings from the "Healing the Bones & Hara Webinar".

This first one is from the 3rd webinar -

This is the lecture -

and here are the meditations -

Here are the meditations from the 4th webinars



Here are your recordings from the Occiput, Sphenoid and Fire Circuit Webinar.

These recordings come from the 4th webinar on this topic except for the first short video.


Short video -


This is the Lecture.


These are pictures of the Vomer this is important for the last Meditation. Also there are pictures of the Sphenoid and Jaw from the video.


and these are the Meditations


seminar 10

Here are the video and meditations from the webinars on the Breath and the cranial Fluid the video is from the last webinar and I have also included the meditations from all three webinars.


Here is the video -

And here are the audio downloads for the meditations


seminar 11

The water webinar 1

These are the videos

Part 1 -

part 2 -


and these are the meditations


seminar 12

the three chalices

These are two short clips from the 1st and 2nd webinars-

The 3rd webinar -


audio download meditations from all 3 webinars


 seminar A

Here is the link to the Holographic Breathing video about the face and cranium.



seminar B

womb life part 1



womb life part 2

 Audio Downloads


womb life part 3    

Audio Downloads