Free Webinar - Working with the healing energies at Chequiers


Free Webinar - Working with the healing energies of the Chalice at Chequers.

Sunday 23rd June 7.20 pm - 9.30 pm UK time.

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In this webinar I will be teaching how I work sacred sites and with earth energies.

I will also be teaching Holographic breathing which is one of the ways I work with sacred sites.

We will be going on to work with the energies of the Chalice at Chequers from a distance and the comfort of our own homes.

What enables us to do this is that this site is a reflection of in our own internal energies and when you are working with those you can also tune into their reflection in the sacred site. I will show the reflections and how this all works, everyone can go into to this at what ever level they wish.



Chequers is a very particular sacred site, its a tantric site the two halves of the chalice have different qualities. From the map above Coombe hill has a more male quality and beacon hill has the more female quality. The energies of these play back on forth cross the chalice and through the Ridgeway. This creates an energy and activates the central line and the stem of chalice.


 Also both sides male and female have there own connections to the higher realms through the tops of the hills, these also play back and forth and converge in the centre line and stem.


 For me the energy here is very potent and when activated also energies along the whole Ridgeway and the lands around. This is the same within us we have a left and a right, a male and a female. the energies of these play back and forth between each other. As they do they activate our central line, the spine, the kundalini and our connection with the earth and higher self.


We will be working with these within ourselves and also seeing and imaging this at chequers. Working with earth energies in this way greatly enhances the energies of what we are doing, healing of us and the healing the earth.


 The left hand side of the chalice at Chequers which is much more to do with the female has be completely cordoned off by the boundaries of Chequers and is inaccessible to the public. See map below


So the right hand side has had lots of people walking on it and the energies and interaction of that. But the left hand side, Beacon Hill and through Chequers grounds has had little to none.


 We will be spending some time energetically and visually working through the Ridgeway where it crosses Chequers land. As we do this, this helps to release the energies there and balance the left and right sides of the chalice.Once these energies are travelling back and forth they are enhanced many fold and the male and female energies start playing together and creating tantra. We are part of that healing so that also plays back and forth in us between our male and female, left and right.


 As this all go off Chequers becomes a very potent site and this energy travels up and down the Ridgeway and the lands around.


 The different areas of the Ridgeway have different energies which all integrate and work together. The walking of it enhances these energies and the magic that transpires between humans and the earth.


For me the loss of access to the Ridgeway and this sacred site at Chequers is not a good thing. hopefully in this webinar we will be go some way to remedy that.


The yellow on the map is the boundary around Chequers.


Below that I show pictures of all the different areas of the site and described their energies and significance.





Here is a picture story showing all the different areas of this Sacred Site and there energetic significance.

This map shows the sacred site at Chequers. It's made up of the Ridgeway, ancient pathways and energy lines. Below this I show pictures of all the different areas of the site and described their energies and significance. The Ridgeway travels across Southern Britain and is a 6000 year old Track and Public Right of Way. It's also an Ancient Pilgrimage Route to Avebury, Stonehenge and many other Sacred Sites along its way.

The Chalice is clear in this picture the Prayer is the Ridgeway coming from both left and right onto Beacon Hill, the top of beacon Hill are the hand pointing to the church.


This is Beacon Hill viewed from Combe Hill. These are the two hills on this site and are the tops of the Chalice.

For me Beacon Hill is a tremendously significant spiritual site and the left hand side of the Chalice at Chequers. 


This is Coombe Hill viewed from Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is a tremendously spiritual hill I love the energy here and to me it has that quality of the spiritual governance of England. It has only recently be made available to the public and just the front half. It is steep and hard to access except for along the excluded area of the Ridgeway running up from Chequers, from where it is just a gentle walk. Because of this I rarely see anyone here, it is the only place the chalice is viewable from and even then the whole area of where it drops down to Chequers is shrouded in trees. These tree are large and have been strategically planted to obscure Chequers. Earlier Prime ministers did not move in until these trees were fully grow and covered its view. Unfortunate in the doing of all of this they have also obscured this sacred site. We may not be able to get into the grounds of Chequers but we can still work with it energetically which we will be doing in the webinar. 


 This is Coombe Hill Viewed from Chequers. Beacon hill is off to the left making the other side of the Chalice. For me Coombe Hill has a more male energy and Beacon Hill has a more female energy. This is part of the Tantric make up of this site.


Chequers has been built next to the lowest point of the chalice arc between these two hill. So it holds a very particular and central energy. There is also a water energy line running south from here to the pond. Who ever built this knew what they were doing as they were careful to keep a comfortable distance from both of these energy lines. If they had built on these they would been interfering and I doubt would be able to sleep. You can also see from the map at the top of the page, that the internal roads at Chequers run parallel to this water energy line, making the shape of the chalice and pointing in the same direction.

For me energetically this is not a house to live in its more place to visit for spiritual rejuvenation. On the map I have put a pink spot where these two energies meet   this is a potent intersection I work with this a lot in meditations. 


Chequers and Beacon Hill viewed from Coombe Hill.


The only easy access to Beacon Hill is the Ridge running up from Chequers. The Fence to Chequers land is in Blue, and there is a style there, which I guess is for the Prime Minister as on this side there is a sign "Important no entry terrorist Act"



This natural circle for some reason always reminds me of the legendary round table. I had not realised it was here as it is easy to miss. But one day whilst sitting on the edge of it, viewing Comb Hill and the chalice this circle activated. I came to the back edge of it and there were 12 or 13 divine beings/energies pouring down into the circle. Again these were these energies of spiritual governance, there was a beautiful quality of wisdom and compassion to them. I am used to seeing one or two energies but these came as a group. After a while these beings converged into one bright light filling the the whole circle and pouring down into the hill, This was a bigger energy than just this site, it seemed to energise the whole Ridgeway and land. I think its an important Earth activation point. 




The church is also on a small hillock and energy lines including the Ickneild way, which is the road directly in front of it. For me this would also have been ancient pagan ceremonial site.


The Dell is the red spot On the map at the top of the page and a central place in the chalice. This picture is facing south.

I used to park my van here and record videos of Holographic Breathing. I was always amazed at the energy travelling through this Dell and across in front of Chequers. One day in meditation I realised I was sitting on the Ridgeway, and that the powers that be had misdirected the public and put footpath's and signposts for the Ridgeway south of here and way away from the ridge and chequers. From there started my journey mapping out this site and the energies of this site.

This Dell has a lovely energy and is an intersection of the stem and cup of the Chalice. From here you can easily access to the whole site.

I would often lie in my van being with the energies running along the Ridgeway, rising up both of these hills and divine energies coming down in through the tops of the hills and then grounding down through the Dell and chalice stem. This will be one of the meditations in the webinar.


This is the water energy line running up from the pond past Chequers house. This is a very potent line. When I stand on this it strongly activates up through the bladder kidneys and adrenals. There is also a very strong energy to the pond which is behind the tree on the left.


 This Picture show the escarpment of the Chalice at Chequers and when viewed in this way you can see how Chequers and the water energy line become central. Also how the internal roads are perfectly aligned.


The green line in the picture below shows the Boundary of Chequers and how much of the Sacred site we have lost.



The Yellow line shows the pathways that are sign posted as the Ridgeway. Most people believe these to be true and are misdirected away from this Sacred Site. 

I can barely put into words my feelings about this and am going about doing what I can do, to let people know about this site and the energies here.

 Best wishes