Healing Meditations from Chequers Sacred Site



The Ridgeway travels across Southern Britain and is a 6000 year old Track and Public Right of Way. It is also an Ancient Pilgrimage Route to Avebury, Stonehenge and many other Sacred Sites along its way. To many the land at Chequers is also one of those Sacred Sites.


Here are some pictures from Chequers and then below are some videos and Guided meditations to go with them. Chequers is the home of the UK prime minister.




 I hope you enjoy these Holographic Breathing Tutorials. If you wish to go on to the more advanced seminars and work with the inner dynamics and energies of Holographic Breathing - CLICK HERE


Following are four videos describing the energetic dynamics of this Sacred Site. Also in each these videos there are meditations so that you can experience these things for your self. First there is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing. We use this breathing in all of the meditations and it is also deeply relaxing and healing on it own.




 This video is the last in the series but gives a good overview. It is a little in depth but then it is good to follow up with the earlier ones.

In this video I show the make up of the sacred site, this mirrors our inner energies and then in the meditation we us this to heal the Genitalia and Kidney's.




In this first video I show the Higher Energies and also Earth Energies at Chequers. I also show the male and female areas and how they balance and energize each other. Then there are meditations so people can experience this within there own inner energies.



In this video we work with Hand Mudras for the Chalice and Prayer, these are two of the main symbols in the landscape at Chequers. This is deeply healing and balancing.
In this video I talk about the first activation that I experienced at Chequers, then there is a Guided Meditation so that you can experience this for yourself.





This Video is about my experience of an Activation of the higher energies at Chequers, then this is a Guided Meditation so you can experience this yourself




This video is of a tutorial where we are working with the Energies of Chequers Sacred Site to heal the Genitalia and Kidney's




Here is a petition asking that the Ridgeway and Sacred Site at Chequers are given back to the People - Click Here