Healing with light





  Healing with light



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This video is of using light and healing with an Emu.





This video is about healing aspects of the casing and extensions of the lightmachines and how to use these work in the healing process.





This video is about the different Light Machines and how they work on the face, cranium, and spine.





This video is a general introduction to these light machines, how they work and there healing qualities, dynamics and pulse frequencies






 This video shows how the light machines work with the arms legs, pelvic, torso and brain.





I have been working with low level light therapy for some years and integrate this with healing sessions. The light machines are based in the infrared light range and then have different colours for a variety healing effects. There is also a pulse to the light ranging from 3.3 pulses per second to- 6600 pulses per second, these different pulses also have healing effects on the body. 


There is a Control Unit that produces the pulses. and then different coloured LED Light Clusters to go with it. 


All of these LED Clusters are good for general healing, but within that the different colours have particular qualities that relate to different areas.


All the descriptions below are from my own observations on myself and from working with clients. The effects also correlate with the colours and different systems of holographic Breathing. We go into this in much more depth in the Holographic Breathing seminars.



Green and infrared -


This Light Cluster is the most grounded of the different lights and is particularly good for the bones and the liver, pancreas and gallbladder. This light is very good for grounding, elimination and health.


Red and infrared.


This is probable the best Light Cluster to have if you are only thinking of having one.

This is a very healing light for the body in general but also has a fiery red energy and particularly good for the blood, heart, hara, ovaries, uterus, testes and prostate.

It is grounded and balanced.


Yellow and infrared -


This Light Cluster is very good for general healing and also around the stomach, spleen, diaphragm and the connective tissue - cartilage, ligaments tendons.


Blue and infrared -


This Light Cluster is good for the nervous system and adrenals, kidneys, bladder, penis and vagina. This cluster is also very good for stress and fatigue.


Red green blue and infrared 


This is for the face cranium and spine and has 7 different color options

for face, head and spine.

see first video


Red, yellow, blue and infrared 


This is for the face cranium and spine and has 7 different color options 

For face, head and spine.

see first video


Eye and brain cluster - Red, green, yellow and blue 

There are 7 different color combinations for this machine.

See second video




costs -


Control Unit  £495

LED Light Clusters  £345 each

The clusters for the face, cranium and spine are   £445

The cluster for the eyes and brain is £445



It is worth searching the internet for other Low Level Light products. The light machines here are about a third of the cost of similar produces. 


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