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Video from the first free Cranial Webinar. 

A talk and vision of next free Cranial Webinar.

and the cranial base and "the whole nervous system fluid" webinar. 


This is a video clip from the Free Cranial Webinar.

In this video I show the traditional way that the cranial fluid is shown. I also show that if this view of the cranial fluid were to be correct and actually how we work inside, we would all instantaneously die from a massive Brain haemorrhage!

As well as this, I show the way that I see this all working, which is in line with true scientific principles, and is very life affirming and healing.

The video is from the end part of the webinar. In the first part of the webinar participants are brought into the anatomy of this in a slow and easy way. I show pictures and also the underlining principles and then visual meditations of all of this.

This  way people can be with this in a healing way and understand it as an internal experience that is meaningful to themselves.

After the video part we meditate, experiencing the ventricles and whole nervous system breathing. We also experience the "whole nervous system fluid" as one fluid and flowing off down through the nerves. Then completing its journey to the heart to start again.

Everyone is welcome to this webinar and I teach it at a level for everyone.

Here's a link to the video. -


Next Free Cranial webinar Wednesday 23rd 

Please arrive at 7.20 pm for a 7.30 start and a  9.50 pm finish. UK time



In this webinar I am covering the same material as in the last one and dismantle the traditional way the cranial system is shown.

In the traditional way of viewing this, the cranial fluid is divided as cranial fluid and interstitial fluid, then this whole system is divided again from the rest of the nervous system. Where as in reality they are exactly the same fluid and created in the same way via osmosis. They are both 99% water and the 1% is glucose, oxygen and salt. 


How I teach this in Holographic breathing is that these are all one fluid and one image and include the nerves. Where by I see the myelinating glial cells of the myelin sheath as also producing this same fluid, in the same manner, via osmosis. The myelinating Glial cells also creating capillaries for this fluid to keep its integrity and to travel out though the whole nervous system.


I have been looking for a new name for this fluid, as the old names automatically pulls you back into the old divided paradigm. At the moment I am just looking for something that will accurately describe this, like “the whole nervous system fluid”. This way, the name brings you into the new image and paradigm, rather than the old.


By viewing this area with just one name, and one image, you move onto a new level. The whole nervous system starts to evolve, and the fluid acts as a conduit for the breath, light, consciousness, food and elimination.


I did not think that I would have to go back and brake up the old image, I thought I would be able to get away with just teaching the new. But in the end there was such a large voice in me to do this, that, that is what I am doing. In the free cranial webinar I dismantle how this old image is seen, and then provide people with true scientifically sound principles of how this can work. 


This is a powerful webinar and its free because I consider the information to be important.

Everyone is welcome and I teach at a level that everyone can understand. In the end just enjoying the meditations, in a way that makes sense, and is fulfilling to yourself, is the important part.


That is how it came to me, as an experience. Then moving into this experience, was a pivotal point in my recovery from lyme Disease, and the healing of my nervous system.


I have extended the length of this webinar, as it needed more time to include all the information and meditations.




The Cranial base and the "Whole Nervous System Fluid". 

Wednesday 30th January, Tuesday 5th February and  Sunday 10th February.

We will be working with the cranial base and how this all breaths and moves in Holographic breathing also how this relates down the spine and through the whole body. Again in this I will be giving new information on how this is seen. In this we will also be working with the Whole Nervous System Fluid and how this breaths with the motion of the cranial base. We will also be working with the different energies of the Occiput, Sphenoid and Temporal bones and how these different energies relate through the brain and whole body. 

Tuesday 5th

Sunday 10th