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The Spaces between the Breaths and the Kundalini


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 To be able to do these meditation you will need to know how to do Holographic Breathing here is a video for that. - 

In this video you will learn how to do Holographic Breathing. You will also learn how to  take Holographic Breathing to an Advanced Level.


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In This Video participants can use Holographic Breathing to access the transformational energies of the spaces between the breaths. With this it is possible to connect with the energies of creation and the kundalini.


The Spaces between the Breaths and the Kundalini Part 2 This video give important information about learning Holographic Breathing and take the process we learnt in part 1 deeper.


The spaces between the Breaths and the Kundalini Part 3. This Video shows how we have become disconnected from the Earth and in doing so also our Out Breathe. There is a talk plus an Earth Meditation and Prayer that reconnects us to both the Earth and our Out Breath.


The spaces between the Breaths and the Kundalini Part 4. In This Video we make the whole Process more powerful and also work with the Spaces in Both the In-Breath and Out-Breath.