Meditations for the brain and Cranial Fluid





Martin, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed these lectures and especially the meditations. I run though them again and again. There is so much in them and the experiential journeys of the meditations are so powerful. I'm so grateful you sent me the emails. Judy Greig 


 I hope you enjoy these Holographic Breathing Tutorials. If you wish to go on to the more advanced seminars and work with the inner dynamics and energies of Holographic Breathing - CLICK HERE


These are videos of tutorials for a group of Cranio-Sacral Therapists where i shown the cranial side of Holographic Breathing, but this is open for anyone who wants to learn about this area. Also I talk through a lot of Anatomy and Physiology in these lectures but this is not necessary for the meditations so if you wish to just do the Meditations that is fine. there is a menu on each video and its possible to just scroll forward to the Meditation Parts.


 I describe the Anatomy as the Sacred Geometry of the body, and this will give you an internal perception that is not available anywhere else.



 This is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing.




 Healing The Cranial Rivers of the Brain

 This video is one of the last Videos in the series I have put it first as it gives a good over view but some of the information is quite advanced and you may have to follow it up in the other videos.

In this we look at the cranial rivers that travel through the neural tissue of the brain, and how they connect and travels between the cerebrum, Cerebellum and Brain Stem. Then along with the rivers in the ventricles and around the brain we take a journey that includes the nutrition and transformation of the Neural Tissue until this all converges and travels out through the nerves. In this I also teach Holographic Breathing and use it in Guided Meditations to Heal this Whole Area.




 New Light on the Brain Part 1. -


In this second video I describe the Brain and Cranial fluids in a new and healing light. This video is for anyone and enables people to view their Central Nervous System in a simple way that aids physical and spiritual evolution. There is also a practical tutorial at the end of this where people can use Holographic Breathing to explore and heal the cranial fluid and neural tissue.





 New Light on the Brain part 2. -


In this video we look at how viewing the cranial Fluid in this new way opens up a new paradigm, and compare this with the old. We also go deeper into the holistic view of the anatomy in this area and experience this with Guided Meditations. 




New light on the Brain Part 3B  NEW VIDEO

In this Video I talk about the environment of the Cranial Fluid and show a  new Image and Vision for the Blood Brain Barrier. Also in the Meditation we start working a bit with the Kundalini.






 New Light on the Brain part 4

In this video we look a paintings for visualizing and healing the brain and Cranial Fluid.





New Light on the Brain part 4B - The Myelin Sheath  NEW VIDEO

This is a new Vision and Journey of The Myelinated Glial Cells, Showing the Geometry, Energies and Cranial Fluid Dynamics.



New Light on the Brain part 5a - The Ventricles, eyes and Pituitary Gland





There are three more videos in this series and they will be published over the next weeks as they are edited.