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I hope you are well


Working with the Earth and Fire Energies Webinar

Wednesday 1st May.  7.30 - 9.30 pm UK time, 


We have had three fantastic webinars where I have started teaching the energetic matrices of Holographic Breathing. I was going to move on to the next one but through popular demand I have decided to run this one again.


In this webinar are looking at how areas of the jaw energetically match areas of the cranium and pelvis. The energy we start working with is a deep earthbound energy, that also relates with the liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas. This is a very potent and deeply healing energy that connects us to our ground, constitutional health,  and well being.


We will also be working with a fire energy which is more to do with the centre of the face,pelvis and cranium. This energy relates with the genitalia, Heart and Hara, its much lighter and burns through the body on all levels.

Also in this there are parts of the jaw that relate with the higher energies and we will be letting everything integrate though those.

In the previous webinars on this the participants have found this very potent and healing. For myself not only that but the energies have continued through the night and days after cleansing those circuits.

This webinar is well worth a visit.


This webinars is £14 

The date is Wednesday 1st May

please arrive 7.20 pm for a 7.30 start and 9.30 pm finish UK time, 

This is a £5 payment for people who already did this webinar on march 24th March,  2nd April or 10th April and wish to repeat it.


Healing yourself with breathing and water

The video of the free “Healing yourself with water webinar” is proving to be very popular. So if you haven't done this it's well worth a go.

Also if you know people who may be interested in Holographic Breathing this is a fantastic video to pass on to them as it teaches how to do Holographic Breathing and gives a very good and enjoyable way of healing almost anything.

Here is the link I hope you enjoy - 




For couples - £21


For couples repeating a webinar £7.50


For 2 repeat webinars - £10