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The latest webinars are -

The last hands and feet - webinar

Healing the eyes, sinuses and lungs - webinar


Healing the eyes, sinuses  and lungs - webinar

Sunday 18th August 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time


In this webinar there is an activation that opens up the energy of the eyes and eye sockets. There are different energies to the different areas of the eyes and eye sockets which open to a whole energy system that interrelates and mirrors through the body. 

This webinar is a continuation of the Energies of Holographic Breathing series and we will be working with a clear/white energy which relates a lot with the eyes, the sinuses, the lungs and brain stem, but also once activated it spreads through the whole body to every cell. This webinar is for everyone and everyone is welcome.

This is £14 including recordings




The breathing motion of the hands and feet. Second Level

Sunday 8th September 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time


We have had  fantastic webinars working with the hands and feet and I will now be teaching the second level of this in which I will be teaching new dynamics and how to activate different energy systems.

This is open to every one.

As with the movement of the mouth in Holographic Breathing, there is also a movement of the hands and feet.

This movement of the mouth is similar to a subtle form of suckling and the movement of the hands and feet are also part of suckling. These are the first movements a new born baby makes. 

In this webinar I show how these two work together in a baby and Holographic Breathing to create a whole breathing healing system. The design is perfect and naturally part of us. I'll be showing how this all works physically and energetically.

Also with this I will be showing how to use this whilst walking, this will give you a way of aligning the whole body and energy. By using this I was able to throw away my Orthotics.

For regulars this is a good webinar to do as we will be using this to access the energies of the hands and feet in many future webinars.

If I was ever going to recommend to do just one webinar this would be it.

This is £14 including recordings




webinars for couples are £21

repeat webinar for couples  are £7.50


This video come from the last webinar working with the hands and feet but this dynamic of working with the brain also applies to the healing the eyes webinar.


This is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing


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