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The Blue Energy Healing Circuit Webinars 


Healing days at chequers and a Free Webinar  



The Blue Energy Healing Circuit Webinars 


Wednesday 20th and Sunday 8th December 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm


Sunday December 1st 10.30 am - 12.30 pm



The blue energy healing circuit has lovely shades and qualities of blue, and the organs in this Circuit are the adrenals, kidneys, bladder, vagina and penis.


The bones in the cranium and face that relate to this energy circuit are the forehead, cheek bone and mastoid processes.


To properly activate the blue energies I have decided to go back to where we left of in describing the breathing dynamic of the bones of the cranium and inparticular and spiraling circle motion which these bones both help to activate and are also activated by it. This will be useful to all beginners or advanced


There are three modes of breathing movement in the face and Cranium that combine to create a full three dimensional  breathe I will be showing how these different dynamics activate these bones and the blue energy circuit.


Once this circuit is activate, then you have access to a wonderful aid to health as the potency that starts from the vagina and penis, rises and heals through these organs and energy centres.


This can be fantastic for clearing stress, fatigue and all the tiredness diseases which often relate to the kidneys, adrenals and thyroid area. When the stresses are released from these areas then you can much more strongly move into health, all the positive qualities of these organs and a deeper breath through out.



 Everyone is welcome.

these webinars are £14 including recordings


This is a pay button for anyone who did the first one on the 10th and would like to do one of these ones as well



For Wednesday Nov 20th


For Sunday Dec 1st


For Sunday Dec 8


Here is a link for couples its £21.

Please let me know which webinar it is that you would like to participate in


In this is a clip from the first webinar on this, I talk about the whole onset of this tiredness climate that we live in, and how by working with the blue energy circuit we can combat that and regain our health.






Healing day at Chequers on Sunday 24th November. 11.30 am - 1.30 pm


And the Winter Solstice 22nd December 11.30 am - 1.30 pm


The cost is £15 If you are interested in this please reply to this email and I will send the details




In this we will be starting from the farm shop shown on the picture at the bottom of the page.


I will be teaching Holographic Breathing and we will be working with the energies near the pond at the base of the chalice stem on the blue energy line. Then we will be going up beacon hill where we will be working with both the prayer and chalice energies and also the very potent earth energy point there. I describe these in the article below.


If you wish to come to this please reply to this email.




Free Webinar on Sunday 15th December  7.30 pm - 9.30 pm 


In these we work with our own energies as a reflection of the sacred site at Chequers, which we also work with at a distance.


The last free webinar we did on this was one of the most powerful things I've been involved in, it completely blew my soaks off and from what the participants said, theres as well.


We will be working with the energies of the Dell, the Pond, and Beacon Hill. We will also be joining up the energies of the yellow energy centres, all Shown on the map below


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About the energies and getting access to Chequers Sacred Site

I was going to wait to see if we got access to chequers before talking about this, but in the end this a nice story to tell so here we go.

I have been running seminars and working with the sacred Site at Chequers for six years now. Also the local news paper has been publicising my quest to get public access to the sacred site there.

A few months back I also meet with the local MP and to be honest I was amazed at how interested he was. When I arrived they had been talking about it in advance and had printed out all of the pictures and maps. He said I hear you want access to chequers, and I said yes, four times a year for the solstices and equinoxes. We talked for a while and he could not really see any problems with this. He could see a problem with access to the general public for security reasons, but for me and a group of healers doing ceremonial work, he seemed in favour of it. He knew about the Ridgeway, that it was an ancient pilgrimage route and public right of way; and he understood the irony of the prime minister being the only one to have access to that.


He seemed very open and I talked to him like I would to a healer, about how I first found the site and the energies there. He did not seem fazed by this in any way, in fact he seemed to become more and more interested as I unfolded the significance of the chalice and prayer there. His eyes quite opened as I also describe the energies on beacon hill where both the chalice and prayer meet. I talked of these as very arthurian, and that in my experience the spiritual energies that come down there are to do with the spiritual governance of this country; so I was not surprised that the Prime Minister had ended up there; but this is a sacred site and these energies are not just meant for the prime minister they are meant for everyone. I carried on that this is the message I get from the land there, that it wants that people walk the Ridgeway again. Its a pilgrimage route and that the walking and communication with the earth is what creates the energy; and that its a two way thing, the earth gets healed and the people get healed. I said that If the government and the Prime Minister genuinely want to be for the people, rather than for themselves, then this would be a good time to let people have access again. It would be spiritually beneficial to everyone, the land, the people and the government. I kept checking and to me seemed genuinely interested in all that I was saying.


He had moved the meeting to the end of the day which was quite fitting as it went on long passed the allotted time and afterwards I asked him how he felt about it; and he said that he was very inspired. He said he would take the pictures to number 10 and explain about our conversation to see what was possible. I wasn't sure if he meant Boris or just the administration, and asked if he was going to show all the maps to Boris, so that he would know where he was living, and he said yes he would.


It was a bit like walking in through an open door which I had not been expecting; afterwards I wandered if he was part of the masons and already understood about the chalice in some way.


Any way he said it would take a while before I got a reply and now the election has taken over so I am not sure when I will know. But we are definitely closer and already it is possible to get access to it all energetically. Which is what we will be doing on Sunday, and also in the up coming webinars, where we get access to everything. 


The symbolism and energies of the prayer and chalice can also be interpreted as the sword and chalice. This symbolism is shown in the taro and also in the fables of excalibur and the knights of the round table. For me the top of beacon hill embodies that energy, and the circle at the front where this spiritual channel descends has always reminded me of the round table. It's also not just one channel, its starts as twelves or thirteen deeply wise and divine beings that fill the whole circle they come as a group and after a while start merging to make one very bright white light which pours down into the hill like nothing I have seen before. I find this energy truly awesome and to me its for the whole country and earth. We will be working with this on the healing days and the webinars.


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Here is a link to  a picture story of Chequers Sacred Site - Click here



Here is an email from Sarah Barratt from a previous webinar on the summer solstice.


Dear Martin I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the webinar working with the Chequers energies on Sunday; although I was not really able to express it properly at the end as I was in a sense beyond words - I thought it was a really beautiful thing to participate in. I really loved the aspect of balancing the masculine and feminine and found it very healing personally; and also really loved the sense of participating in the healing flow of energy in the landscape itself.

thank you for this profound experience.


webinars for couples are £21

repeat webinar for couples  are £7.50


Session for Trisha £50