I hope you are well, here are the webinars.


The lungs and maxilla webinar 

Sunday 29th Sept  11.00 am - 1.00 pm UK time.

and Sunday  6th October 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time.

The timing of the first one is so people from Asia and Australia can come.


There are particular energies that open up in Holographic Breathing and in this webinar we will be working with the deep earth, fire, creative energies, but mainly the clear/ white energies which are to do with the lungs. colon, spinal base and brain stem.

We will be activating these energies from the different areas of the face and as they open from here they are also open through their holographic relationships through the body and head to the higher self.


Sunday 29th Sept 

This is £14 including recordings


Sunday  6th October

This is £14 including recordings


This is a £5 pay button for people who already participated in this webinar on the 18th august or 1st of September and are repeating it.

Please let me know which one you want to come to the 29th or 6th.



webinars for couples are £21

repeat webinar for couples  are £7.50