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webinars and Free Webinars

I hope you are well here are the latest webinars

healing the pelvis spine and cranium with water webinar.

And Free cranial webinar


Healing the spine pelvis and cranium with water webinar - Wednesday 27th of February. 7.20 pm  - 9.30 pm UK time 2.20 pm start EST.

In the last healing with water webinar we worked with the spine and afterwards on playing it back to myself I found it so powerful and helpful for me that I decided to teach this one again. I really recommend everyone come to this webinar it is fantastic for clearing karma, injury or constrictions from the spine.

In this webinar I'll be showing how to balance, adjust and heal the spine, sacrum and cranium. Then I'll be showing a procedure of how to work with the water to make a healing remedy, so that we can drink it through the day and it becomes a perfect remedy to move us on spiritually, and also help to heal any illness or ailment.

Not only is there the exact resonance of what is happening in our spine all held in a healing form. But there is also the imprint of the meditational level reached while working with the water, all of this together makes the perfect healing remedy.

I can recommend anybody come to this webinar. My spine and joints feel great from using this.


Wednesday 27th February


The cost is £14



The cost of this is £5 for anyone who does already done this webinar on 30th of January. 



 Free cranial webinar part 1. 

Sunday, 3rd March. Time 7.20 pm - 9.20 pm  UK time.  2.20 pm start EST.

The free cranial webinar has created a lot of interest and I would like to run this again, but this time I'm going to run it as two separate webinars, a part one and a part two. This will give me more time for meditations and the whole energetic and spiritual side of things.

In this webinar I will be teaching how to do Holographic Breathing and then be showing the way I see the cranial fluid working. This view of the Cranial fluid is very life supporting and healing. Also along with this I'll be showing the traditionally way that this is shown.

This webinar is for everyone and at a level that everyone can understand, but it should also be very interesting for cranial workers.

Here is the link to register for this meeting -

 I will be teaching Holographic Breathing at the beginning of this, so everyone is welcome. But it can also be good to already know Holographic Breathing before starting the webinar and if you wish to do that, here is a free video tutorial to learn.


The video above is not the latest video learn Holographic Breathing, but I'm very pleased with it as it's had over four 14,000 views and it's heartwarming to see so many people learning Holographic Breathing. -




For couples £21

For couples repeating a webinar £7.5

 For two repeat webinars  £10

£7 pay button