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How the hands and feet breathe and align the whole body


Sunday 30 June 7.30 - 9.30 pm uk time.

This £14 including recordings 


we had a fantastic webinar working with the healing energies at Chequers sacred site. There will be a video of this coming out at a later date its well worth a view.




In the next webinar we will be working with the movement of the breath through the hands and feet. As with the movement of the jaw in Holographic Breathing, there is also a movement of the hands and feet. I will be teaching people how to do this and how this ties together with the movement of the jaw and makes the experience of Holographic Breathing much more profound.




This has the potential of realigning your whole skeletal structure including the spine, and healing all of the joints and diaphragms.


This starts on a physical level and then also works through the energies and connects right though up into the higher self.


By using this I was able to throw away my orthotics. My feet now breathe when I am walking and align on all levels through my joints, spine and head.




Here is a short talk on how this all works from the end of the last webinar - 





Best wishes




for couples £21