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Free and paid webinars

Hi I hope you are well after the festive season.


In this newsletter are a

Free Cranial Webinar

Videos on the cranial fluid and myelin sheath, the kundalini and the free webinar.

Also Cleansing and Healing the body with water and making water remedies webinar.

and working with the cranial base webinar.


Free Cranial Webinar

In this Free webinar I will be showing a new way of seeing the brain, and cranial fluid and also be giving meditations that heal through this whole area and connect with the higher self.

But also at this point I want to address how this is viewed in the anatomy books.

For me the way the cranial system is explained and shown is not correct. So In this webinar we will be looking into this in the light of the underlying principles, which to me shown the traditional view to be impossible.


We will be using each aspect of looking into this as a platform to look into and experience the new images and furthering our knowledge of this whole area.

So there is a learning of some anatomy here, which to me is the sacred geometry of the body. This gives us the visualisations and meditations to have our own inner experience of this and its spiritual connections.

So there will be a mixture of both learning and meditational experience.


I was very ill with Lyme disease when I started doing Holographic Breathing, and in that experience a whole new vision of the cranial fluid and how it works opened, and the old images just felt away. This was very healing for my brain and nervous system, and fundamental in my recovery from Lyme. 


This new way of seeing this area is completely in line with the laws of anatomy and physiology.

If you start viewing this area in this way you also start becoming aware of the living breathing brain and nervous system. Naturally an energy opens up through these connecting with the Earth and higher self and the whole area starts to evolve and heal. When you add Holographic Breathing and meditation to this process it becomes a powerful experience.


This webinar is open to everyone and I will run it a level that it is easy for everyone to understand, It is however important for people to already know Holographic Breathing before arriving on this webinar. There is a video further down the page the first 15 min's of this teach the basics of Holographic Breathing.


this webinar will be on Sunday January 13th and repeated on Wednesday January 23rd  7.30  - 9.30 pm UK time.

You can register for either or both of these webinars here -

Sunday January 13th -

Wednesday January 23rd -


This video "healing the Myelin Sheath" is from the last cranial webinar and shows how cranial fluid is produced and how the Myelinating Glial cells "Myelin Sheath" can also produce cranial fluid and make capillaries for cranial fluid to flow though the whole body.


The video above is clip from the last webinar in which we covered more the actual dynamics of breathing motion motion of the cranial fluid and is now available as recordings. As well as the video lecture I think there is over two and a halve hours of meditations. Here is a link to those recordings. They No10 on the list - 10. The Cranial Fluid, The Lymph and The Inner Sea. Nov 2018 -


The first part of this next video was an answer to someone describing how the energies were opening and clearing though their brain this from the healing with water webinar. This was actually just after the webinar  had finished which was good as I did not feel held to a schedule and it gave me time to go into the dynamics of what happens when the Kundalini reaches the brain or at least what happened for me.

Then for the last part of the video I talk about how this relates to the Free Cranial Webinar above and the energies that brought that through.


Cleansing and Healing the body with water and making water remedies - Wednesday 16th January  7.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time

In this one we will be working through the sacrum, whole spine and head it fantastic for balancing this whole area.

The material in this webinar is something I have used extensively in my journey healing Lyme Disease. In this I teach how to use Holographic Breathing and a bottle of Mineral water to heal the body. This can be very potent and deeply cleaning. I also teach how to make a healing remedy with water to reflect back to the body its own energies.This works a bit like an exact homeopathic remedy. This is great for general health. I also hope that it will be useful to help people recover from any illness as it gives an exact remedy for that person and for what that person has as an ailment.

You will need a bottle of still mineral water for this in a plastic bottle preferably 1.5 - 2 lts.

 This webinar is £14


Or if you have done one of the previous webinars on water its £5



The Cranial base and the Chalice.  Wednesday 30th January, Tuesday 5th February and  Sunday 10th February.

We will be working with the cranial base and how this all breaths and moves in Holographic breathing also how this relates down the spine and through the whole body. Again in this I will be giving new information on how this is seen. We will also be working with the cranial fluid and the different energies of the Occiput, Sphenoid and Temporal bones and how these different energies relate through the brain and whole body. 

Wednesday 30th

Tuesday 5th

Sunday 10th





Here is a £21 button for couples on webinars

And a £7.50 button for couples repeating webinars