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Webinars and Free Webinars



Webinar - working with the Hara, The immune System and the Breathing Movement of the Bones.


In the next webinar I am going to teach something that have not taught before. I will be showing a very particular principle in the breathing movement of the cranium and body.


This principle instantly initiates the Hara, deep earth energies and breathing motion in the bones and as it progresses also the fire energy which burns thought the bones as a deep healing. It also initials the breathing motion of the bones and energies of the pelvis which we will be working with as a holographic reflection of the face and cranium.


This is a great webinar for health, well-being and also for combating ageing and disease.


The blood is grown in the bones, the red cells carry the oxygen and the white cells fight against disease, so this becomes a very useful way of healing.


As we grow older the bones can start to become more brittle and to atrophy. For me the principle I am showing here changes this process and brings new life to this area. Also as the energy starts travelling though the bones this increases your vitality at a deep level.


This is very good for the Hara, Health, your sense of strength and well- being, connection with the earth and ground of being within yourself.


This webinar is £14 including recordings.

For all of these webinars it is good to arrive at 7.20 pm for a 7.30 start and 9.30 pm finish

The dates I will be running this webinar are -


Wednesday 15th,

Sunday 19th



 This £5 button is for anyone who participated in the webinar on Tuesday 7th and want to repeat it..




In this video you will learn how to do Holographic Breathing. You will also learn how to  take Holographic Breathing to an Advanced Level.


All of the lectures and the guided meditations to learn Holographic Breathing are on this video. Also all of the advanced level lectures are on the video,  but the advanced level Guided Meditations are on Free Audio Downloads.


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For more Advance Tutorials click here







The last webinar

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

In the last webinar we healed the Genitalia, Hara, kidneys and adrenals, by taking a journey through the earth as a holographic representation of our selves and a universal rebirth, this was incredibly healing.


Here are the recordings of the guided Journey's which come from the last two webinars and cover different aspects of these energies.

Here is a recording of a lecture about the journey.



Also if you would like to do this webinar or repeat it please let me know, as I and thinking of teaching this one as an ongoing thing maybe once every couple of months, people seem to enjoy it immensely. It would be £5 for people repeating and £14 for new people. Always when repeating these things it takes you deeper in to the energy and process, also the energies are different and I am always adding new stuff.


Here is a video from a previous webinar working with the tongue and the dream state - 


Here is a video about the activation and transformation of the sexual energies.



Individual Holographic Breathing sessions

These are on zoom or skype and are £50 per hour.




Individual healing sessions


My sessions are a combination of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, healing and using light machines.

I Generally go to people houses and work in and around Aylesbury, Chesham and Berkhamsted.

I have had 30 years experience working as a healer.

These sessions are £55 per hour .


This video is of using light and healing with an Emu.





For any of these things please contact me on -


07795 810 485

or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 For George £10