Webinars and Free Webinars


We had a fantastic Webinar on Tuesday and will be continuing with the same material on Wednesday 20th June.

 This Webinar is very pivotal so I had decided to run and extra one on Sunday 24th June.


In these webinars we will be working with the breathing motion of the roof of the mouth and how this activates the breath and rhythm of the breath through the face and cranium. Also how it activates all the diaphragms and whole body. As well as this I will also be showing how this releases and activates the pelvic floor. This can release a lot of energies from that area, which heals and transform through the whole body. This can transform the pelvis releasing holding patterns which in turns balances with the cranium and face.


This often relates a lot with birth so this can be very useful for anyone who has been born, going to give birth or has given birth.





Wednesday 20th June & Sunday 24th June


Times - arrive 7.20 pm for a 7.30 start and 9.30 pm UK time.


Cost - £14  including recordings.


For the webinar on Wednesday 20th June


For the webinar on Sunday 24th June


 This payment button is only for people who have already done the webinar on 12th June and want to repeat it. 



 I will also be running  Free Webinar on Sunday 1 July. 


Times - arrive 7.20 pm for a 7.30 start and 9.30 pm UK time.


These are not just for beginners they are very valuable and potent for anyone who has done Holographic Breathing. Everyone please come and enjoy.


In this Webinar participants will be learning the basics of holographic Breathing and then taking it deeper to learn some inner principles.


These will including how the breath and energies move through the face, cranium, brain and pelvic floor  


It is important to be on time as once I start teaching the meditations it will not be possible to join.


Here is a link to register - click here



Here is a video from the last webinar working with the dream state - 


Here is a video about the activation and transformation of the sexual energies.



Individual Holographic Breathing sessions

These are on zoom or skype and are £50 per hour.




Individual healing sessions


My sessions are a combination of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, healing and using light machines.

I Generally go to people houses and work in and around Aylesbury, Chesham and Berkhamsted.

I have had 30 years experience working as a healer.

These sessions are £55 per hour .


This video is of using light and healing with an Emu.





For any of these things please contact me on -


07795 810 485

or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 For Amy £7