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How the hands and feet breathe and heal the whole body


Sunday 21st and Wednesday 31st July 7.30 - 9.30 pm uk time.



We had a fantastic webinar working with the hands and feet. This exceeded my wildest expectations and I be running two more of these on the 21st and 31st of July.


In these we will be working with the movement of the breath through the hands and feet. As with the movement of the jaw in Holographic Breathing, there is also a movement of the hands and feet. I will be teaching people how to do this.


 The movement of the mouth in Holographic Breathing is similar to a subtle form of suckling and is instinctual, and the movement of the hands and feet are also instinctual and enacted at the same time. These are the first movements a new borne baby makes. They are not just part of suckling, but go back though birth, womblife and into creation, and are part of a primordial cellular movement.


This movement is the breathe, and all integrates into and is part of the breath in Holographic Breathing. This is not as a doing but part and parcel of the same thing, they are one, and inherent with in us. 


In these webinars I map out this primordial breath and subtle motion, how it physically  and energetically moves through the body and how this is mirrored in the earth and our connection with the Higher self.


A whole internal energy system arises when we start breathing like this. I am teaching this energy system and maps at the moment in these webinars "the energies of Holographic Breathing"


In this webinar I will show how this movement is enacted in the hands and feet as part of the breath and how it moves through the body and brain. I also show the energy matrices in the feet and how they are mirrored through the body. These are not visualisations, they are already part of us and waiting to be activated. My job is showing people how to activate them.


Sunday 21st July

£14 including recordings 

or £5 if you have already attended the previous webinar on the 30th June 


Wednesday 31st July

£14 including recordings

or £5 if you have already attended the previous webinar on the 30th June or 21st July



This movement of the hands and feet also give people a potent and balancing way of walking.




This video is from the start of the last webinar, and talks of how by using this, I was able to throw away my Orthotics and how this movement of the hands and feet relate through the body, and give a fantastic moving breath through the brain.




Best wishes




for couples £21

or £7.50 for a repeat webinar