Larry Pesta  an English professor.  Phoenix, Arizona.


I watched the Free Video Tutorials today, and I have to tell you . . . it was fantastic! I was so relaxed and blissful!  I immediately emailed a friend of mine (a Phd in biology with whom I work), and she wrote back telling me she had the same experience.

Thanks for posting these.  Now, I want to continue with the rest of them!

Continued - I have done lots of breathing work throughout the years, and this definitely is the best!

I did Seminar Two, and it was an even better experience!  I went to bed and woke up during the night a couple of times.  Each time I awoke, I did the process until falling asleep again. I love doing it!  It is very natural, and it is something I want to do.

I am also going to be buying Seminar Three in the next few days.  I am sure my wonderful experiences will continue!


Reference from June Baker Yoga teacher

I have experienced trigeminal neuralgia for the last twelve years. Each time the remission period seems somewhat less. It begins suddenly, sometimes fiercely, and lasts for months and can come on any time of the year.

Since I have been practising holographic breathing, starting in a remission period in September 2006 the problem has not reoccurred, except for a small “spark” at wide intervals over a period of about two weeks with no need for medication. This has given me great encouragement to continue the breathing practise and study it more.

June Baker


My experience of holographic breathing

Jeremy Gilbey – Principle of the Faculty, Sutherland College of Cranial Osteopathy

I have now completed the first two of Martin Jones Holographic Breathing workshops.

The simple breathing technique starts to come very naturally and has an extraordinary facility to integrate the body therapeutically. I was inspired to experience a considerable release and reorganization through my maxillary sinuses; which had recently been a problem area for me.

I have introduced several patients to the approach who I feel would particularly benefit. One group is of children lined up for orthodontic surgery. Two have a type 3 occlusal relationship. Although they have responded well to Osteopathic treatment I feel that the holographic breathing is something that they can do on a daily basis, which I hope, will make a significant difference and minimize orthodontic intervention. We will monitor the effects. I have also recommended it to one patient with long term (15 years) ME following Lyme's disease.

I am keen to harness the power of breathing, perhaps the most powerful force we have at our disposal in the treatment process. I believe that it is important with some patients to give something therapeutically useful to take away with them, and I'm interested in enhancing my ability to treat myself. My experience of holographic breathing to date inspires me as to its role as a powerful therapeutic tool in both of these roles.

Martin Jones is willing to do a workshop with us as part of a proposed breathing event. We are considering a 2-hour workshop to give people the ability to explore the technique for themselves.

On giving the exercise to patients I favor sending them to Martin for a Sunday afternoon workshop at present, as this saturates them with the technique and I believe increases the chances of compliance with a continuing exercise routine from two points of view: first they are clear that they are doing the exercise properly and secondly they will have some experience of its efficacy, and will be encouraged to continue.


Robert Syvret - Breath worker

Dear Martin,
I hope you are well. I have been meaning to book some sessions with you but somehow not got around to it as yet, however i am still practicing the Holographic breathing, which continues to amaze me to the various state of awareness it opens up in me. It was lovely to meet you at the G. I. C. and one of the highlights of my stay.
Below is a reference for your web site if you want to use it.
I have had to wear a denture all the time for at least 10 years to stop me biting on my bottom gum. To my astonishment and great relief from my first session of Holographic breathing I was able to remove my denture only using it occasionally while eating. It is a tremendous comfort not to have all that tension in my face. I still use the Holographic breathing not only does it help me in this area, but also to relax and most importantly as an aid for my self- growth. I feel that I have only skimmed the surface of this form of breath work.

Martin I found is a very accomplished teacher and sincere soul. I would highly recommend him and that if you are curious or are thinking about learning Holographic go Right ahead now!


From Christopher Go

Hello Martin,

Emailed to inform you that I've received my CD already. I did the exercises in the program, and it is indeed a truly "new" (learning is remembering) breathing system. I have studied Craniosacral therapy (Upledger Institute), but didn't practice it as my preferred modality as I personally find it very difficult for my hands and have lost interest. Following the system of breathing that you instructed in the program, I immediately felt my own Craniosacral rhythm, I was amazed! I didn't even need to use a still point inducer or hold any bilateral points/areas in my body. And another thing was that I immediately felt the extension and flexion in different parts of my body, particularly the hip bones. After I did the breathing, I felt a release of tension in my cranial vault as if I just had a CS session, and felt that my sinus has cleared up resulting in easier breathing, although I don't suffer from any form or sinus congestion. Hopefully we will be seeing more cd's coming out. If not, I may just as well sign up for a one on one seminar through phone sometime in the future. With the basic system that you have provided, very deep work could already be done in my personal opinion. I am not able to articulate it as of this moment, but somehow, it is the key to accessing one's body, feeling it on a very deep cellular level.

As a side note, the way how I came to your website was through the quantum touch(www.quantumtouch.com) message board. I personally knew of the benefits of Craniosacral work, however, there are many techniques that you can't do on yourself alone without a facilitator/ therapist. I was checking for post or messages if there is any modality/system that could replicate the effects of Craniosacral work, and then in one of the post, I happened to see a message about you and your website. Yes, there are other modalities that are capable in shifting the cranial bones of the head, however, not as fast a holographic breathing in my personal opinion.

Live long and prosper,

Christopher Go