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Advanced level Tutorials



Normally the Advanced Seminars are all charged for but I have made this first one Free of Charge.

In the Advanced Seminars I teach the inner science and energies of Holographic Breathing.

These will advance the way you are doing Holographic Breathing and to engage in these seminars this is a Truly Healing Journey.



The first Advanced Tutorial Free of charge.

In this seminar first I teach how to do Holographic Breathing and then show the true motion of the breath through the Trachea, lungs and diaphragm and how this instigates the motion of the jaw and the whole motion and energy of Holographic Breathing through our anatomy, our systems and connection with the earth and higher energies.


All of the lectures and the guided meditations to learn Holographic Breathing are on this video. Also all of the advanced level lectures are on the video,  but the advanced level Guided Meditations are on Free Audio Downloads.


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Each one of the tutorials on this page are powerful unto themselves and can be used on there own.

But it is good to try them in order and just go at your own speed with it.

Together they make up a powerful and in depth healing matrix of the breath.

 You can buy all the videos and downloads on this page for  £52.99 - Reduced from £66.91



The last webinar

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

In the last webinar we healed the Genitalia, Hara, kidneys and adrenals, by taking a journey through the earth as a holographic representation of our selves and a universal rebirth, this was incredibly healing.

Here are the recordings.

The cost is £6.99



Tutorial to Activate and integrate the Lateral movement of the breath

This seminar is a bit older than the others and there are no audio downloads it all on a set of four videos.

we look at the sideways expansion of the breath and how to activate this. This opens a whole new way of viewing and experiencing Holographic Breathing. From this  participants Learn how to Rebalance their face , cranium and whole bodies.  We also look at how to activate this movement in the different bones of the face and Cranium

These videos last for about 2 hour 31 min.

 cost of these videos is £6.99  


The Rotation of the bones of the face and Cranium Part one -

 In this seminar we look at the rotation of the bones of the cranium and face and we also look at the principle that brings this about.

This seminar was spread over 2 evenings and will give participants a new experience of Holographic Breathing  upgrading your whole practice and understanding. Also this will deepen the breath and potency of Holographic Breathing.

We also work with the up down motion of the breath through the body. This dynamic is deeply healing and for me how we breathed in the womb.

The cost is £6.99


Integration of the lateral and rotational movements of the face and cranium

It is important to have done the previous two tutorials before moving on to this one.

The videos and downloads are taken from two webinars.

In this seminar in integrate the principles learnt in the previous two seminars so they become one movement that flows in and out of each other. We also learn how all the bones unwind and resolve holding patterns and how the kundalini energies open up through this.

The cost is £6.99


The intrinsic energies of the Tongue.

In this seminar we are working with the intrinsic energies and movement of the tongue with the breath, also how this connects with the sexual energies and the kundalini. This is a powerful seminar.


The cost is £4.99


 latest recordings

The tongue, the brain and the Dream state 

All the recordings from the second webinars on the tongue. These were truly powerful and healing webinars. In these we work with different aspects of the tongue, brain, roof of the mouth and pelvis. Also how to work with the dream state healing mode and activate and breathe with the cells of the brain.

The cost is £6.99



Latest recordings

The Tongue, the roof of the mouth and the diaphragm. 

There are three Webinars put together in this and make a deeply healing series.They continue on from the last webinar and will give you a new and healing way of working with the face, cranium, brain and diaphragms. Also they will give you the experience of connecting with creation. 

The cost is £7.99


 Latest recordings

Journey to the Centre of the earth and creation. There are long meditations in this, about an hour each. This seminar is different from the previous ones as we are more working with different energies rather than breathing movement dynamics. People are often profoundly moved by this seminar, here is a link to the talk to go with it.

This video is £6.99


Tutorials Working with the energies of the Face, Cranium and Spine.

This video is the first in a series that works with the energies of the face cranium and spine in a holographic way. These videos can be quite powerful and also open up the higher energies and integrate them through the body - There will be further videos to go with this if you buy this one now you receive the next one in the series free of charge.

 This video is £4.99 



Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation

In this series we will be investigating the inner experience and universal blue print of suckling, womb life and Birth. We also use this experience to drop into Creation. This series is deeply healing at a primordial level with the possibility of creating our health and well being afresh.  



 Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation part 1

In this part there are two video tutorials that are similar and work with our relationship with suckling and how to use this to connect with Creation. They total one and a half hours.

the cost is £4.99



Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation part 2

In this part there are 2 video tutorials and 2 meditations which are as audio downloads for better quality.

In these we go into deeper depth with the whole process looking at both connecting to creation with suckling and within womb life the video below is important for this process.

the cost is £4.99


suckling, womblife and birth, and our relationship with creation part 3

In this we will be looking at the primordial driver of the breath in womblife, and the longitudinal movement of the breath.  the expansion and contraction top to bottom thought the head, body and spine.  In Holographic Breathing this is the primary driver of the whole Rhythm and in the same way as when people learnt the Sideways Movement of the breath, once you have that experience then you have instant access to it.

The cost is £3.99


This video is about the Anatomy and energies of the baby and placenta. Its also about our healing relationship with the placenta and creation.  The meditations for this and how we Breathe in the womb are above.