The Central Core of Holographic Breathing


This series is for anyone who wants to take Holographic Breathing to greater depth. 

In these videos I teach the inner workings and energies of Holographic Breathing,

this is a Truly Healing Journey.


To do the meditation on this page it is important to already know now to do Holographic Breathing. 

 So here is a short video to learn Holographic Breathing. -







Tutorial to Activate and integrate the Lateral movement of the breath


 In his set of four videos, we look at the sideways expansion of the breath and how to activate this. This opens a whole new way of viewing and experiencing Holographic Breathing. From this  participants Learn how to Rebalance their face , cranium and whole bodies.  We also look at how to activate this movement in the different bones of the face and Cranium

These videos last for about 2 hour 31 min.


cost of these videos is £5.99  




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Tutorials Working with the energies of the Face, Cranium and Spine


This video is the first in a series that works with the energies of the face cranium and spine in a holographic way. These videos can be quite powerful and also open up the higher energies and integrate them through the body - There will be further videos to go with this if you buy this one now you receive the next one in the series free of charge.


 This video is £2.50 



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Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation

In this series we will be investigating the inner experience and universal blue print of suckling, womb life and Birth. We also use this experience to drop into Creation. This series is deeply healing at a primordial level with the possibility of creating our health and well being afresh.  


 Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation part 1

In this part there are two video tutorials that are similar and work with our relationship with suckling and how to use this to connect with Creation. They total one and a half hours.


 the cost is £3.00



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Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation part 2


In this part there are 2 video tutorials and 2 meditations which are as audio downloads for better quality.

In these we go into deeper depth with the whole process looking at both connecting to creation with suckling and within womb life the video below is important for this process.


 the cost is £3.00




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Suckling, womb life and Birth and our Relationship with Creation part 3


In this part we there is one video and three meditations.  In this we will be looking at the primordial driver of the breath in Womb Life and the longitudinal movement of the breath - the expansion and contraction top to bottom thought the head, body and spine. In Holographic Breathing this is the primary driver of the whole Rhythm and in the same way as when people learnt the Sideways Movement of the breath, once you have that experience then you have instant access to it.



 the cost is £2.00




This video is about the Anatomy and energies of the baby and placenta. Its also about our healing relationship with the placenta and creation.  The meditations for this and how we Breathe in the womb are aboveg. 




I will be adding to this series each month.









Gwilym came to learn Holographic Breathing to see it it could help with a type 3 occlusion. This is where the maxilla and upper jaw are constricted and the lower jaw protrudes forwards past this. These are testimonials from his mother and himself.


Gwilym's Mother's Testimonial


Gwilym's problems began as a pre-schooler when we noticed that he could not bite into a whole apple or a slice of toast. Observing him we noticed that he bit into things using the teeth at the side of his mouth. Our dentist checked him out and said he had quite a large under bite. The standard treatment for a severe under bite was to wait until Gwilym was in his late teens then surgically remove a two sections of his lower jaw. At the time I was teaching an eighteen year old student who was about to undergo this procedure. He was a little older the under bite was more pronounced and we were aware that the area of his face around the bridge of his nose was hardly growing at all, giving him a flat, almost ‘moon-faced’ appearance.


We began looking the alternatives to surgery and started at the Osteopathic Centre for Children. Gwilym found it very hard to lie still on a treatment couch, especially as the treatment is so gentle, the osteopath’s fingers don’t move or rub the skin in any way. Gwilym was totally ‘cross-threaded’. At three he had no idea whether he was right or left handed, he would pick up two paint brushes and paint badly with both or scream with frustration when he couldn’t get either of his hands to do what he wanted. He couldn’t kick a ball at all. Within three treatments he could kick a ball and had become fairly well co-ordinated.


I wish I had had some sort of similar treatment before Gwilym; that way I would have been prepared for his overwhelming need to sleep. Travelling back from London with a semi-comatose, tall, heavy, six year old was not easy.


To make travelling to and from treatments feasible we went to a cranio-sacral therapist in St Albans. We had a lot of sessions which involved a two hour round trip plus treatment time. Gwilym actively disliked treatment within his mouth which probably prolonged the course of treatments while reducing their effectiveness. Both time and money ran short before we managed to reach a significant long lasting change to Gwilym’s jaw.


As the years went by we arrived at the point where our dentist wanted to start the orthodontic process. She had put it off for quite a while as the process would begin to fix Gwilym’s lower jaw into a particular articulation with his skull. As his lower canines still didn’t meet his upper canines she wanted to keep working with alternative therapies along side the orthodontics. Luckily for us our dentist had looked at the work Martin Jones was doing with Holographic Breathing and asked Gwilym if he would be prepared to work with Martin on some breathing exercises that might help.


I went with Gwilym and learnt a lot about the first level of the breathing technique and found it very relaxing. I could see that if nothing else, some sessions of Holographic Breathing would help me get through the teenage years!



Luckily Martin was prepared to work with Gwilym at our house. A week after one session Gwilym said he had been trying Holographic Breathing every night but had got mixed up and forgotten how to do it, so could he please have another session as soon as possible. This was arranged, and after that session Gwilym went off to his bedroom to practice. He came back downstairs twenty minutes later and his face had changed dramatically. The bridge of his nose had moved forward, instead of the undersized button nose we were used to he suddenly had the Roman nose profile of his grandfather, complete with bump. I just wish I had a before and after profile photo; it was the most dramatic breakthrough we have seen.


Gwilym has worked with Martin over the last two years gently changing the shape of his mouth while his teeth have been in wires. Our dentist explained how she wanted the bones in Gwilym’s mouth and face to move and Martin has taught Gwilym different techniques to achieve these effects.


  • His maxilla and palate have moved forward enabling his lower jaw to relax into its natural position behind it;

  • His lower incisors now fit behind his upper incisors.

  • His upper palate has also flattened and grown laterally, enabling a far better bite shape

  • His lower jaw has opened laterally to allow a good match between his upper and lower molars.

  • His face has totally lost its flat appearance and now the braces have finally come off his oboe playing has suddenly taken off as his embouchure is so good.


The bonus behind all this work is the affect it has had on Gwilym’s personality. He was always a clumsy child with very high levels of frustration. By reducing the pressure on his cerebellum he enjoys greater agility and by releasing the tension within his cranial bones he has dissipated a lot of pent up anger. He is a relatively calm and happy teenage boy; we are not suffering the mood swings and aggression shown by many of his cohort.


Martin’s technique has been particularly effective as it enables Gwilym to take charge for himself. This autonomy makes it a particularly attractive therapy for teenagers. Gwilym uses ‘the breathing’ when he needs to and the knowledge that he has such a powerful technique at his disposal imbues him with a certain inner confidence.


Gwilyms Testimonial

I started going to Martin when I was about 12; I had had previously treatment in St Albans which I didn’t understand, and more to the point, really didn’t like. I went to my first session with Martin being completely sceptical, as my dentist had told me that I would be able to change my face and the bones by breathing; fat chance of that, I’d thought.

However, after the first session, there was a change. I didn’t actually notice it but my parents did, commenting on how my face looked slightly different. I was fairly taken aback by this, but as I wasn’t saying “don’t be daft” or anything along those lines, they encouraged me to go again. And so I went to a few more sessions, with some progress being made. A few weeks later, I had a one-on-one session with Martin, and I could feel the breathing doing something; I wouldn’t call it a surge of energy but it was something along those lines. Afterwards, my parents said that my face had, not just altered, but changed drastically- I had a kind of flat face before (I don’t really remember too well, but the photos indicate so) and in about half an hour, my nose had grown. That is to say, the whole of my cheekbones around the nose area had protruded, giving me a different look and doing what we had been trying to do for eight, maybe ten years. 
For about a year after that Holographic Breathing gave me a completely weird feeling; it was like being dizzy enough to make the ground spin, or a prolonged feeling of the stomach dropping moment when a roller coaster's course is taken over by gravity right at the top of a summit in the track. It felt really good and it actually worked as well, which is probably far better than the alternative of having half my lower jaw removed and having a tom-and-jerry face; the effect when Tom runs face-first into something like a frying-pan and gets his face completely flattened. That is what I would have looked like otherwise. I don’t get the same effect any more unless I really try hard, which sort of defeats the purpose of the breathing. This must mean that my treatment is pretty much finished, after about a year’s worth of the breathing technique for about 15 minutes before I fell asleep. According to my parents, it has made me a much calmer person with better motor skills, but I was too young to remember being a stressy little annoyance. My braces came off after about three and a bit years, which is pretty darned good considering what my face was like. The thing to remember is that it wasn’t for my teeth- they were perfectly straight before I even started treatment, but for my whole jaw. I reckon that most orthodontic problems other than teeth-straightening would clear up fully after about four, maybe five serious and intense sessions with Martin.



My experience of Holographic Breathing

Jeremy Gilbey tutor at the Sutherland College of cranial osteopathy

I have now completed the first two of Martin Jones Holographic Breathing workshops.

The simple breathing technique starts to come very naturally and has an extraordinary facility to integrate the body therapeutically. I was inspired to experience a considerable release andreorganization through my maxillary sinuses; which had recently been a problem area for me.

I have introduced several patients to the approach who I feel would particularly benefit. One group is of children lined up for orthodontic surgery. Two have a type 3 occlusal relationship. Although they have responded well to Osteopathic treatment I feel that the holographic breathing is something that they can do on a daily basis, which I hope, will make a significant difference and minimize orthodontic intervention. We will monitor the effects. I have also recommended it to one patient with long term (15 years) ME following Lyme's disease.

I am keen to harness the power of breathing, perhaps the most powerful force we have at ourdisposal in the treatment process. I believe that it is important with some patients to give something therapeutically useful to take away with them, and I'm interested in enhancing my ability to treat myself. My experience of holographic breathing to date inspires me as to its role as a powerful therapeutic tool in both of these roles.

Martin Jones is willing to do a workshop with us as part of a proposed breathing event. We are considering a 2-hour workshop to give people the ability to explore the technique for themselves.

On giving the exercise to patients I favour sending them to Martin for a Sunday afternoon workshop at present, as this saturates them with the technique and I believe increases the chances of compliance with a continuing exercise routine from two points of view: first they are clear that they are doing the exercise properly and secondly they will have some experience of its efficacy, and will be encouraged to continue.


Robert Syvret - Breath worker

Dear Martin,
I hope you are well. I have been meaning to book some sessions with you but somehow not got around to it as yet, however i am still practicing the Holographic breathing, which continues to amaze me to the various state of awareness it opens up in me. It was lovely to meet you at the G. I. C. and one of the highlights of my stay.
Below is a reference for your web site if you want to use it.
I have had to wear a denture all the time for at least 10 years to stop me biting on my bottom gum. To my astonishment and great relief from my first session of Holographic breathing I was able to remove my denture only using it occasionally while eating. It is a tremendous comfort not to have all that tension in my face. I still use the Holographic breathing not only does it help me in this area, but also to relax and most importantly as an aid for my self- growth. I feel that I have only skimmed the surface of this form of breath work.

Martin I found is a very accomplished teacher and sincere soul. I would highly recommend him and that if you are curious or are thinking about learning Holographic go Right ahead now!



I have experienced trigeminal neuralgia for the last twelve years. Each time the remission period seems somewhat less. It begins suddenly, sometimes fiercely, and lasts for months and can come on any time of the year.

Since I have been practising holographic breathing, starting in a remission period in September 2006 the problem has not reoccurred, except for a small “spark” at wide intervals over a period of about two weeks with no need for medication. This has given me great encouragement to continue the breathing practise and study it more.


June Baker  - Yoga teacher