Classes and Sessions

Online seminars - 


In the next Online Seminar will be looking at very particular Yin Yang type dynamics though the chest lungs and abdomen. These dynamics are normally hidden but when brought to light as with the last seminar should completely upgrade the whole way you experience Holographic Breathing. This is a deeply healing  experience.
There is a video about this seminar below the pay button, it is worth watching this as I can not explain the content of this seminar in a few lines. It shows how we will be opening the evolutionary processes of Holographic Breathing.
Beginners are welcome


The seminar is on Wednesday 28th Feb 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm GMT 

and the cost of this is £16 - 

This price includes 2 recorded seminars one of this seminar and one of the previous one about the movement of the cranial bones and full movement of the jaw.

If bought separately from the seminar the combined cost of these two recordings would be £12


£16 for the seminar + 2 video and audio recordings of this and previous seminar.


I will email you the information on the seminar :)


Here is a video about the seminar



Holographic Breathing Classes - 


I have on going Holographic Breathing classes in Bovingdon

In the next class is on Wednesday 24 January 7pm - 9pm


The fee is £15 


and the venue - 


11 Mitchell close, Bovingdon Herts HP3 0RU.


Please let me know if you wish to come



Holographic Breathing sessions on Skype are £50 per hour.


Individual healing sessions


My sessions are a combination of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, healing and using light machines.

I Generally go to people houses and work in and around Aylesbury, Chesham and Berkhamsted.

I have had 30 years experience working as a healer.

These sessions are £55 per hour .


For any of these things please contact me on -


07795 810 485

or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I also work with Horses and animals here is a video of a healing session with an Emu -