Free Live Webinar
The Cranial Sea and the Universal Portal
Sunday 14th of November. 
7 pm to 9 pm UK time,
2 pm to 4 pm EST New York time.

Here is a link to this free webinar -

Below are the recordings from the last webinar on 17 October. In this next cranial webinar We will be going into the material in a bit more depth and carrying on to work with the healing energies of the myelinating glial cells (Myelin sheath) and how they become channels for the cranial sea. This is incredibly healing for the brain, nerves, and whole nervous system .

Here are the webinar recordings from Sunday's cranial sea and universal energies.
In this webinar, we work with the cranial sea as a portal for working with our own energies and the universal energies. within this, we work with the 3rd eye and Crown chakra, the kundalini, and the universal energies. Also in this webinar, we worked with the arms and legs which as well as grounding the experience relate to the spine, kundalini, and the Earth kundalini. We also worked with the hands and feet which relate to the head and Crown chakra. This produced some very strong meditations. If you did not make it to this webinar I can highly recommend listening to the whole of this webinar and engaging in both meditations.

I will be teaching holographic breathing in the webinar but if you would like to learn it in advance here is a text version to learn holographic breathing –

Text version to learn holographic breathing

You will not need this for the webinar but if you are interested in how the dynamics of the cranial sea works. Here are two picture articles showing all of this. They give a holistic (whole) image of how this area looks and works. I show the central principles of this area in a way that everyone can understand. Just seeing it in this natural way opens it to evolution and connection the higher self. I have a dream that cranial schools will start teaching this as their anatomy and visualisations.

The three filters that create the cranial sea and how it flows through the myelinating glial capillaries A new view of how the cranial sea flows through the central nervous system and ventricles Is the traditional image of the cranial fluid wrong?

Holographic Breathing and healing the brain and skull.

In this webinar, teaching Holographic Breathing and we use that to work with the sacred energies of the skull. When these energies are all working together the mystical geometry of the skull activates and aligns with the body and subtle realms. 
This also awakens the kundalini which starts rising and transforming through the body.
Here are the recordings -

The Shamanistic Journey of becoming 
fish, Dolphins, & Whales

I teach holographic breathing and we use that to connect with our internal memories of being fish, dolphins, and Wales. We also experience having gills and the opening and closing through the sides of the head, neck, and jaw. This breathing motion expands through the whole body it is deeply healing and integrates into the swimming of the fish.

A Universal Rebirth -
 Journey into the Earth, Creation, and the Universal Energies

In this webinar, participants learn how to do Holographic Breathing. Then how to use Holographic Breathing to experience the energies of the spaces between the breaths. 
Then after this, we will be using the spaces to open the base and crown chakras and circulating the energies between them.

Here's a testimonial from the last webinar on this - Marisa Leon - I'm Utterly hooked on Holographic Breathing. The retentions were just insane! The control of energy in the Governing and Conception Vessels was absolutely sublime. I'm so grateful for the class. Thank you so much.

Free webinar recordings teaching how to heal yourself using the same inner sacred geometry as The Healing Chalices at Chequers

These pictures are of the Ridgeway, ancient tracks and energy lines at Chequers.  Chequers is the country side retreat for the UK Prime Minister.
The Ridgeway is an 6000 year old pilgrimage route to Avebury and Stonehenge . 
It is also a national treasure and public right of way.
On the link below there is a picture story showing all the different areas of the Chalices at Chequers
and their energetic significance.
There are also free webinar recordings showing how to work with the energies at Chequers and also how to work with that same inner sacred geometry of the chalices within yourself. These are deeply healing webinars. 

Here is a link to videos and healing work at Chequers sacred site.


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