The activations of inner birth.
Sunday 24th of September. 
7 pm to 9 pm UK time,
2 pm to 4 pm EST New York time.

To participate in any of the advanced webinars below you have to already know the basic modality of holographic breathing - (the movement of the jaw with the breath).

Also here is a short text version to learn holographic breathing -  https://www.holographic-breathing.com/1/index.php/2-uncategorised/11-page-10

Also there are videos on this link and I teach holographic breathing at the beginning of all of them. These will take it into more depth than the text version – https://www.holographic-breathing.com/1/index.php/free-webinars-meditations

The activations of inner birth.
Sunday 24th of September. 
7 pm to 9 pm UK time,
2 pm to 4 pm EST New York time.

I had thought that interest was waning in the birth webinar and had said that the last birth webinar was going to be the last of that series. but in the end over 40 people registered for the webinar and there was new information that came through. So I have decided to carry on and do this extra one.
One of the new activations was a kundalini activation right at the end that I want to spend more time sitting into. Also at the end, there was not only being born but feeling of death as well. This may be just that birth and death come together but my guess is that this also relates to the placenta. So we are going to spend more time being with the placenta and letting go of the placenta.

Along with this as we have been working with the arms and legs in the latest webinars I have decided to include this in the birth webinar. Working with the energy and breathing motion of the arms and legs through birth makes it more powerful and whole. I think there are many things in this particular aspect that would help mothers hugely in the actual birth process.Many mothers have given birth using holographic breathing which has been highly beneficial for the whole process. This webinar in particular is the one that most mothers felt most empowered by.

I will talk more about this webinar in the newsletter in a few days' time.here is the text from the last birth webinar where I talk more about what we will actually be doing. 
Also here is a link to a recent interview where I talked about this webinar and how it works -  https://youtu.be/xfudscxEKFo
The activations of inner birth.

In Sunday's webinar we will be working with birth but within ourselves. In this, the baby's head comes down inside our own pelvis and we have the experience of being both the baby and mother together in the birth experience. In this experience, we are creating a new birth based on the breath and the universal principles of mother and baby together.
Being both mother and baby means the whole experience is contained within us.
So we can go at our own speed, and let things naturally unfold completely within ourselves, the breath and the intrinsic qualities of birth.There are many activations as we travel through the birth journey. These include the 3rd eye, thalamus/hypothalamus, Crown chakra, base chakra, genitalia, spine, brain, and breath. 
We will be working with all of these but also paying special attention to the activation through the spine and brain. This activation brings us into a new level of consciousness and awareness. I've not taught this particular activation in the previous birth webinars but now seems the correct time to teach it.As we are not repeating the memories of our previous births but having a new birth we can travel a new route and spend time properly experiencing and enabling these activations.
This new experience helps to release us from old patterns and naturally brings us into a new time and new life. 
 This webinar would normally be £14 but this time it is at a discount and is £9. Best wishes Martin

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